Founderhood is building an online global innovation ecosystem with all stakeholders involved. We have started building this ecosystem by providing an all-in-one platform that every startup program of every size & type (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) can start using today for free. Founderhood can assist a startup program organizer run efficiently & more engaging programs by bringing in one single interface:

  • All the tools to run & monitor a startup program from the start (application phase) to the end (demo day).
  • All the stakeholders a program engages - application evaluators, mentors & external experts.
  • All the tools to build a strong community among founders & the stakeholders of a program.

Speaker & Booth Staff

Speaker/Booth Staff

Siganakis Manos

Co-Founder & Business Development Manager of Founderhood

Booth Staff

Farantaki Eleni

Business Partner, Operations & Project Manager of Startup Greece