At inbestMe, we work to create a better way of investing: simple, transparent, independent and low cost. We do this by creating a personalized and independent investment plan and managing it for our clients. We use technology to automate everything we can. This lets us to offer really low costs, and consequently better returns. inbestMe is the most personalized automated manager in Spain. We offer portfolios with Index Investment Funds, ETFs and Pension Plans. We also have plans with dynamic management, with SRI (Socially Responsible Investment), Value biases and fully customizable portfolios. We can serve clients from almost anywhere in the world and offer the same coverage as any bank, or better. And why are we called inbestMe? Our name comes from joining the terms investment + best + me, which mean in other words "my best investment".

Speaker & Booth Staff

Speaker/Booth Staff

Oikonomidou Maria

Data Scientist & Engineer