ORamaVR was created to tackle a major health crisis that is currently affecting almost 5B people globally: the lack of access to affordable surgical care. This is due to limited number of health professionals entering the workforce, as a direct result of the lack of innovation in medical training over the last 150 years. Thankfully it has recently been proven in clinical trials that medical VR training can change all that, however current VR content creation is very costly and lengthy to create and there are numerous of operations that need to be simulated in VR and cannot all be done by one or few companies. ORamaVR aims to accelerate world’s transition to medical VR training by democratizing the VR metaverse content creation and offering an IT platform (MAGES-SDK) to medical organizations, enabling the mass production of high fidelity medical Virtual Reality Simulations at 1/8th of cost and time against current practices. These medical VR training simulations are then been used by hospitals, medical device companies, medical schools and medical training centres to train as well as assess their medical professionals.

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Lydatakis Nikolaos

Head of Platform

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Grigoriou Eleni

Product Manager & UI/UX

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