SPHYNX offers products and solutions, and consulting services, in the areas of cyber intelligence, analytics, incident response, assurance, and certification. SPHYNX offers the following products:

  • The Security & Privacy Assurance Platform - a platform that enables customised and continuous assessment of the security and privacy of your enterprise and comprehensive risk management.
  • The SPHYNX Cyber Range platform - an enhanced version of its Security & Privacy Assurance platform, which offers cyber security training that covers a comprehensive spectrum of known and emerging security and privacy threats and is tailored to the particular security and privacy risks of different organisations.
  • The Analytics Platform - Sphynx has developed a platform for model-driven data analytics.
  • The SPHYNX Incident Response platform - a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution supporting the prevention, detection, investigation, and response to cyber security attacks. To do so, the solution uses executable playbooks specified according to the OASIS CACAO standard.

Speaker & Booth Staff


Smyrlis Michalis

Chief Software Engineer

Booth Staff

Dr Miaoudakis Andreas

Chief Communications and Network Engineer